I currently work at Kelly Wearstler as a furniture designer. I have worked to develop the following pieces and each are available for purchase at www.kellywearstler.com

 future perfect gallery


Challenging conventional thinking on materiality, the chair demonstrates how two materials known for their strength and rigidity can become one form; elegant and fluid. A handcrafted piece of burnished brass bends and breaks through a solid block of Julian Jade. The result is the appearance of two materials effortlessly intertwined. This visual relationship allows the boundary of furniture design to be pushed into the world of modern art. This chair was hand crafted in Los Angles by local artisans.



Uniquely carved from stone blocks and straddling the line between sculpture and functional design, the Hume Stone Side Table can be used as either a cocktail table or casual single-seating option. Each piece is hand-carved from natural stone and is available in either Travertine, Negro Marquina, Big Flower, or Grey Rainbow stone.



The Pacific Credenza is made from layered plywood that is then hand carved to reveal the layered material.