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The Final chair

We all have an arm chair in our family that we have vivid memories of. Maybe you still own it or maybe you remember it from your childhood.

I have heard stories about people who remember their mother reading her book every evening in a specific arm chair in their living room. I heard someone say that the upholstery has worn down on their dads arm chair where he rests his head every night after a long day of work. I specifically have memories of my grandfather doing a crossword puzzle every morning in a checkered arm chair that sat by a window that overlooked his garden. He has since passed away but every time I go to visit my grandmother I look at the arm chair and see him. 

It is memories and stories like these that have inspired me to choose a future in designing furniture. Furniture is something that with out you knowing becomes engraved in your memories.


And with that I designed a collection of furniture that was made to foster memories. They are pieces of furniture designed and made to last several generations. 

I decided to build this club chair because I know it is a piece of furniture that will be the start of my personal collection of furniture. 


The most important part of this process was picking the materials.

The first decision was wood. I ended up using a walnut and a walnut veneer for the chair structure as it is a timeless color and a wood that is known for its strength.

I designed the textile to be something fun, modern but also a little reminiscent of the 60's because you can always reupholster a chair so why not have a little fun right now. 

Finally, the fringe. Oh where to begin. I fought a uphill battle to do the fringe. And while there was plenty of negative feedback, in the end I stuck with my heart and went with a whopping 8 inch bullion fringe


we all want to leave a legacy.

And while that may be through an action instead of an object, it is often that people leave behind something that is going to be passed down through their family.

But how do you choose an object who’s purpose is ultimately to outlast the trends and designs that change over several lifetimes?

“have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
— William Morris