Before I just give away the ending I want to set the stage a little bit more for you.

I want to take you into some of the interiors that this furniture could belong in. 

It is groovy. It is modern

But at the same time, traditional and elegant.

Now for the final reveal...


The buffet that is made with a glass top, allowing for you dishes to set in a functional way, but still display the china pattern. The chandelier was a nod to the stain glass material that was used a lot during the arts and craft movement. The brass has LED lights that reflect into the stain glass panels, allowing for different color light to be produced.

The armoire has hidden compartment for all your treasures. With side doors that open to reveal a mirror and jewelry holders or a tie rack. In the inside there are two drawers and a clothing rod. When the door is closed, all of the metal work on the exterior lines up, making it look like a locked box. Interior wall paper by

A day bed that is inspired of classic Louis XVI furniture. This day bed can be pulled apart so that two chairs can stand alone.

The end table that is paired with the club chair is incorporated to add a modern twist to the collection. I sampled the material used on the legs by UV flat bed printing the textile print onto a sheet of copper. It was beautiful and was able to be rolled with out the printed pattern being stretched. The balls would then be CNC and attached through the glass with joining rails.

The chair detail allows for the seats to be "locked" together or the pieces can be taken out and stored if the chairs want to be seperate units.

This club chair is at the heart of the collection. With a textile print of my design this chair was made to be awkward and clunky yet timeless and classic. The wood bends add a simple twist to the 70's print.

The desk that changes the function of what a typical office desk really is. Instead of isolating ones self to the office and their desk I wanted this desk to encourage collaboration and conversation

the desk spins out to allow for a space that can fit multiple people. Because adding conversation and memories starts with how somthing is designed

"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"

-William Morris

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